This page is dedicated to the "Accomplishment Pots".  Each session, we put up a $100.00 bounty (each) for the person who gets the most 8 on the Breaks, 8 Break and Runs, 9 on the Breaks, 9 Break and Runs, and 8-Ball & Rackless Nights.  We only include those accomplishments that happen during regular weekly play.  Playoffs, tournaments, singles boards, masters divisions, ladies divisions, etc. do not count toward these pots. If two or more people tie,  the $100.00 will roll over to the next session and another $100.00 will be added to each pot that is not won outright.
The accomplishment pots that were won in the 2018 Summer Session will return to $100 each & the rollover pots will $200 for the current 2018 Fall Session. Winners are listed below.
9-OB     (5)   Tie- rollover               ($200) for Fall
9-BR     (6)   Tie- rollover               ($200) for Fall
8-OB     (4)  Brett Peters                $100     
8-BR     (11)  Don Kreischer           $100
RLN      (9)   Kip Ecklund                $100